Guava Leaves And InFertility In Men:What Are The Facts And Myths

Guava Leaves And InFertility In Men:What Are The Facts And Myths

 Guava leaves are among the common herbs that are widely employed in the management of infertility. The leaves from guava were shown to manage ovulation, low sperm count, and sperm cell mortality.

Besides, these fertility benefits, guava leaves also control and manage stomach disorders, inflammation, heart problems, cancers, obesity, and infection. Guava leaves were also shown to improve blood and oxygen flow in the body.

The above-mentioned complications are among the leading factors that your body sexually.

Let us look at how guava leaves can benefit you sexually:

Guava leaves help improve sperm viability

Sperm viability is one of the sexual problems that men of reproductive age. This condition is usually caused by an underlying medical condition, cancers, poor lifestyle, and poor eating habits.

Research shows that guava leaves when taken alone or in combination with garlic can help improve sperm viability. 

Guava leaves help increase sperm count

Studies made on animals revealed that guava leaves can help increase sperm count. According to the report, samples that were given guava leaves extract showed an increase in sperm count when compared with the samples that were not given guava leaves.

Guava leaves manage anovulation

Guava leaves were also shown to improve ovulation in women. Guava leaves contain folate, and this supplement is believed to help women conceived. You can learn more about the health benefits of guava leaves for ovulation

Guava leaves manage yeast infection

This is one of the common infectious diseases that is affecting women’s reproductive parts. Guava leaves help suppress the growth of micrograms in the body. You can learn more about the health benefits of guava leaves for infection

Guava is a plant that is believed to be originated from the Southern and Central Americas. The scientific name of guava is known as Psidium guajava.

Both leaves and fruits from guava contain numerous health-promoting nutrients such as antioxidants, minerals, and soluble fibers. All these nutrients that can be found can help improve body metabolism, blood, and oxygen flow in the body, and inhibit cancer cell growth.

It was found that most Asians and tropical Americans take guava leaves tea to manage pain associated with period cramps. And according to the Journal of, diabetes types 1 and 2 may contribute to women’s infertility.

Moreover, one study also suggests that women with type1 diabetes are at risk of reduced fertility.

Numerous research-backed studies have revealed the role of guava in the control of glucose and cholesterol metabolism in the body. For example, one study like this revealed that guava fruits are effective in reducing sugar levels and total serum cholesterol.

Additionally, one study also showed that extract from guava leaves lowered the elevation of blood glucose levels. And this will be a piece of good information for those women who are suffering from infertility due to diabetes.

Moreover, folate is one of the vitamins that most medical experts do advise women who are suffering from infertility or who you want to get pregnant or conceive to be taking.

Analysis of one cup of guava leaves and fruits showed that guava can provide 20% daily value of folate. Other important vitamins that help women to conceive and which can be found in guava include vitamin C and other B-complexes.

For ages, guava leaves have been used by people especially in some parts of Asia to manage infertility problems. But, can guava leaves improve male fertility? The short answer is that people who were taking guava leaves for managing this infertility problem have seen results. And more importantly, recent studies on animals also revealed promising results about the health benefits of guava leaves for male fertility.

The leaves of guava when extracted by boiling or other organic solvents were shown to help prevent and control male infertility. Numerous in vitro and in vivo research-backed studies made on animals have revealed that guava leaves extract can improve man fertility.

For example, as it was explained in this study,  guava leaves extract improved sperm count in experimental rats with gossypol-induced sperm toxicity.

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