Tips And Everything You Need to Know Before Donating to Goodwill Near Me

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Donate at Goodwill Near Me?


While you purge, do good. We’re offering our qualified guidance on how to donate your surplus items to Goodwill. Are there any things around the house that you no longer enjoy? It’s time to clear away any clutter that is driving you out, whether it be a stack of dusty books, outdated baby toys, or outdated clothing. Instead of discarding unnecessary items in the trash, package them up and donate them to Goodwill. Given that Goodwill has sites all across the country, has a very straightforward drop-off procedure, and supports a cause you can feel good about supporting, it should come as no surprise that it is at the top of our list of places to donate. 

What Is Goodwill

It’s likely that you’ve visited Goodwill and found some goodies there (hello, ugly Christmas sweater). Although the nonprofit is most recognized for preventing clothing and other goods from ending up in landfills, there is much more to the organization than that. Along with supplying childcare, transportation, and language instruction to people participating in programming, they also offer education, jobs, and training for elderly, veterans, and people with disabilities. In addition to having 3,300 sites nationwide, Goodwill also runs an online auction site where you may get designer products and unique treasures.

How Can I Give or Donate at Goodwill Near Me?

Generally speaking, Cate explains, when people think of Goodwill, they think of apparel. However, the organization will accept fabric in any circumstance. Even soiled or torn clothing are accepted by Goodwill since they can recycle the fabrics and keep them out of local landfills.

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Beyond the closet, Goodwill is in need of both functional and nonfunctional electronics and computers. According to Cate, “They are able to restore and sell computers in good condition at a number of outlets, or if things aren’t in working condition, the parts are recycled through a collaboration with Dell.”

You are not alone if you’ve ever stumbled into a Goodwill store and ended up purchasing a new home accent. Home products are a popular purchase in the shops, claims Cate. Such as dishes and glassware, lamps, décor, and furniture in good shape, as the interest in Do-It-Yourself and home renovation projects really draws in the clients.

Even contributions of used cars are accepted in some places. It’s advisable to inquire about donation options in your area with your neighborhood Goodwill.

How Do I Give or Donate?

On their website, Goodwill offers comprehensive donation instructions, but you can also arrange a pickup or simply drop off your old items at your neighborhood store. Ask Goodwill for a receipt so you can keep track of the clothing and home items you give throughout the year if you itemize your tax deductions.

Can I Donate Anything Else?

It’s a frequent misperception that anything can be donated to Goodwill. Cate states that this is regrettably not the case because of the relevant rules, constraints, or processing expenses. Goodwill and several organizations of a like nature cannot accept:

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Items with safety recalls, such as children’s car seats, high chairs, baby beds, or swings

Large appliances like refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, or air conditioners

Hazardous chemicals (paints, thinners, gas or oil-based products, and cleaning supplies)

Broken or heavily damaged furniture

Instead of taking items to the landfill, get creative! There are numerous ways to upcycle unwanted furniture, clothes, and toys. Getting creative can reduce stress and improve your quality of life. If you have things that just can’t be donated, check out our helpful guide for getting rid of (almost!) anything.

5 Helpful Tips for Donating to Goodwill Near Me

Before you make a trip to Goodwill with all your items to donate, keep these smart tips in mind to help keep the stress out of donating.

1. Package things that belong together in the same container. Donating a pair of shoes or a set of dishes? Keep the pairs or sets from getting separated by putting them in one container.

2. Call ahead. Some Goodwill locations offer pick-up services for large donations, like cars or furniture, and will work with you to schedule a time.

3. Go green. Pack up your donations in reusable containers. You can empty your items into bins at the store—no need for bags or boxes.

4. Check your donated items! Be sure pant pockets are free of receipts and computers are wiped clean.

5. Beat the rush. Donate during off-hours and weekdays to avoid long lines at the door.

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